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Celebrate Transparent     Connect transparent     Contribute transparent


Our Purpose:

At Upward we encourage people to Celebrate who Christ is and what He has done, Connect with others in authentic relationship, and Contribute to God's church and our community. This is what we call the Upward Journey and what we believe it looks like to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


We exist to celebrate Christ and the work He has done in our lives. We believe that our lives and our gatherings would be filled with joy, laughter, and the celebration of all that Jesus is. 


We believe that true life change happens in the context of relationships. Our relationship with God and our relationships with those around us will be the primary way we grow closer to the likeness of Christ. With this in mind we have Connect Groups to help facilitate relational growth.


We believe that it is the responsibility of each believer to discover, deveop, and deploy their spiritual gifts and use them to build the body of Christ.