Parent Commissioning

An important milestone for families and a day of celebration as a church!

Parent Commissioning

Parent Commissioning is all about partnering with you as parents, celebrating what God is doing in your family, and connecting you with the support and resources you need on this journey. 

We use the term "Parent Commissioning" to reflect the church's recognition and support of the essential work that parents are called to do according to Scripture. This time of "commissioning" acknowledges publicly to the church (and others) that parents are choosing to commit themselves to raising their children in a way that reflects what Scripture teaches about family and faith. 

There are 2 steps in this milestone for your family:

The first step is our Commissioning Dinner. This event is a place for us to celebrate what God is doing in your family and recognize you as the spiritual leaders of your home. It is our hope that you will leave knowing that you are highly loved and valued at Upward and that you are not alone in your parenting journey. This is also a great place to connect with other families in the same stage of life as you and begin to widen your circle.

The second step is our Commissioning Celebration in which we come together to celebrate your family‚Äôs desire to raise your child in a God-centered home! On the day of this celebration we will bring you and your children before the church to recognize your commitment and pray for you as a church family. We want you to know that the church is WITH you and FOR you as you lead your family.

Our next Parent Commissioning Dinner will be on Wednesday, September 6th. Everyone who participates in this commissioning will also join us on stage during our services on the weekend of Thursday, March 14th & Sunday, March 17th. Please sign-up at the button below.