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FREE Financial Resource: Ramsey +

As a Church, we do not want to been seen as a place that simply asks you to give without blessing you with a resource that enables you to give. We know keeping track of your budget week to week and month to month can be difficult. But luckily, the people at Ramsey + have made simple easy to use software that will drastically change the way your family budgets.

It's been said that if you don't control your money it will control you, and we are big believers in that. Ramsey + not only gives you access to a ton of financial classes, but it also gives you access to their Every Dollar App, which takes all the tedious work out of budgeting and allows you to focus on how much you are spending in different categories month-to-month. All of our staff members here use Every Dollar and it has not only changed the way that we view our finances, but it has enabled us to save more, give more, and control our lives more.

Ramsey + is normally around $20 a month, but through our link, you can have access to all of it FOR FREE!!! Please take advantage of this awesome deal!

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